The main squares of the Northern capital


Palace Square

Travel time

about 1 hour (at a calm pace, without visiting museums)


3 km


St. Isaac's Square

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What is this route?

Is this your first time in St. Petersburg or are you hosting guests who have not been to our city before? Then it makes sense to get acquainted with the most famous sights of the Northern capital, located on its main squares.

On this route, you will be able to finally see with your own eyes what you saw many times on postcards. That is why millions of tourists come to St. Petersburg every year.

What will you see?

Palaces and ensembles

The ensemble of the Palace Square


Alexandrovskaya Column

Art museums

Main Headquarters (General Staff)

Famous buildings

Arch of the General Staff

Palaces and ensembles

The Winter Palace

Parks and gardens

Winter Palace Garden

Parks and gardens

Alexander Garden


Four monuments in the center of the Alexandrovsky Garden


Monument to N.M. Przewalski

Palaces and ensembles



Palace pier (Descent with lions)


Admiralty Embankment

Palaces and ensembles

The Malo-Mikhailovsky Palace


English Embankment

Palaces and ensembles

The ensemble of the Senate Square


Bronze Horseman («Medniy vsadnik»)

Famous buildings

Presidential Library named after B.N. Yeltsin

Historical Museums

St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Colonnade

Famous buildings

House of Lobanov-Rostovsky


Monument to Nicholas I

Palaces and ensembles

The Mariinsky Palace

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What can you expect?

The route begins with the most famous location in St. Petersburg - Palace Square. Take a walk along the Winter Palace, look into the Arch of the General Staff Building and inspect the Alexander Column, about which some guides claim that "a life-size angel is installed on top".

The next stop is the Alexander Garden: take a break at the fountain, look at the monument to the famous traveler Przhevalsky (they say he is very similar to Stalin) and four busts: Gogol, Lermontov, Glinka and Gorchakov.

Bypassing the Admiralty building, you will find yourself on the Admiralty Embankment. Here, on the Palace Pier, the tranquility of the Neva coast is guarded by famous lions, and each building is a monument of the era.

Where the Admiralteyskaya embankment passes into English embankment, the Senate Square will open in front of you, and on it the Bronze Horseman is installed, which has become the brand of St. Petersburg. The buildings of the Senate and the Synod also deserve your attention.

Our route is completed by St. Isaac's Square, where one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world, St. Isaac's Cathedral, stands. If you have the time and the weather permits, we advise you to climb its colonnade and enjoy a bird's-eye view of St. Petersburg.

In front of the cathedral stands an equestrian statue of Emperor Nicholas I. Behind him - the Mariinsky Palace - the place where the fate of the country was decided in 1917 and 1991, and now there is the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly. 

By the way, these two monuments - the Bronze Horseman and Nicholas I - are amiably beaten in the St. Petersburg folk riddle: "The stupid catches up with a clever, but Isaac interferes."