Monument to Nicholas I

St. Isaac's Square
Opened in
June 25, 1859
Auguste Montferrand, sculptor P.K. Klodt
6 meters

The creation of the monument began in 1856 after the death of Emperor Nicholas I. The monument is an equestrian statue, work of P.K. Klodt. The emperor is depicted in the uniform of the Life Guards of the Horse Regiment on horseback, the prototype of which was the beloved stallion of the king named Amalatbek.

The pedestal of the work of Auguste Montferrand has an elliptical shape and is made of raspberry Karelian quartzite and white Italian marble. It is decorated with four allegorical female figures of the work of R.K. Zaleman, embodying the "Power", "Wisdom", "Justice" and "Faith". Heads of figures are portraits of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and daughters of Nicholas I.

This is the first in Europe equestrian statue, placed on two points of support (hind legs of the horse).