Nevsky Prospekt-2: from Sadovaya to Uprising Square


Gostiny Dvor metro station

Travel time

40-50 minutes (in calm pace)


2 km


metro station Vosstaniya Square

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What is this route?

What is Nevsky Prospect? The heart of St. Petersburg, the center of attraction of the great figures of culture and art for the past three centuries. As versatile as all its inhabitants.

On this route you will see many famous historical and architectural monuments, you will find sights hidden in the courtyards.

You will be able to understand how St. Petersburg looked and how it lived in different eras. Do you know, for example, that in the 18th century the border of the city passed along the Fontanka River, which means that the section of the avenue on the other side of the river was outside the city?

What will you see?

Famous buildings

Russian National Library

Parks and gardens

Catherine Square


Monument to Catherine II

Famous buildings

Puppet theater in the name of E.S. Demmeny

Interesting Places

Malaya Sadovaya Street

Famous buildings

Yeliseyevsky Shop

Famous buildings

Cinema «Aurora»

Palaces and ensembles

Anichkov Palace


Anichkov Bridge

Palaces and ensembles

The Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace

Famous buildings


Famous buildings

House of an actor

Famous buildings


Famous buildings

Moscow station


Obelisk to the «Hero-City Leningrad»

Metro Stations

Vosstaniya square

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What can you expect?

Starting from the Gostiny Dvor metro station, you will cross Sadovaya Street along the underground passage and you will see the building of the Russian National Library in front of you. Do you know that in fact these are four independent buildings that were built at different times for more than a hundred years?


Gather strength before traveling on a bench in Catherine’s Square, try to recognize the faces of all the favorites of Catherine the Second at the Empress’s monument and then go to the left side of Nevsky prospekt. Inspect the building of the Puppet Theater, appreciate the luxury of the Eliseevsky store, look into the courtyard where the Aurora Cinema hides, and back to the right side, to Anichkov Palace.


Crossing the Anichkov bridge, look at the famous Klodt horses and their chariots, and if possible, count the horseshoes on the horses' legs (a surprise awaits you!). On the other side of the Fontanka, enjoy the architecture of the aristocratic and merchant mansions of the 19th century.

On the corner of Vladimirsky Prospekt, you will be transported very briefly to the 20th century: here, in the legendary bohemian coffee house Saigon, which existed from 1964 to 1989,  Viktor Tsoi, Sergey Dovlatov, Innokenty Smoktunovsky and other famous Petersburgers were often guests.

After the classicism of the House of Actor and the eclecticism of the House of Block, you have to open another cache - the Colosseum-Arena, which is safely hidden in the courtyards of Nevsky Prospekt.

Finally, you will see the square where the Moscow station is located - the twin brother of the Leningrad station in Moscow. The final point of your route is the Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station, one of the oldest and most beautiful stations of the St. Petersburg subway.