Malaya Sadovaya Street

Malaya Sadovaya Street

Length: 179 meters

Pedestrian Malaya Sadovaya street is one of the shortest in the city, but it invariably attracts tourists' attention due to the abundance of sights.

In the center of the street is a fountain clock with a large marble ball weighing 739 kg, which freely rotates in jets of water. This is an exact copy of the fountain installed in Peterhof under the project of Mikhail Lomonosov during the reign of Catherine II (it has not survived to this day).

At the corner of the street, the Eliseevskiy store stands with an unusually decorated showcase from the side of Nevsky: the famous artist Mikhail Shemyakin has settled the heroes of the fairy tale «The Nutcracker» here.

There is a sculpture of the cat of Elisha on the cornice of the store from the side of Malaya Sadovaya, and on the other side, at house number 3, you can see his friend Vasilisa. Here, at the house number 3, there is a bronze monument to the photographer Karl Bulla, whose workshop was located in this building.

The thermal communications of Malaya Sadovaya are arranged so that there is never ice on the street. There are often concerts of street musicians, there are numerous cafes.

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