St. Petersburg discoveries: around Liteiny Prospect


Tchaikovskogo st., 2

Travel time

about 1 hour (at a calm pace, without visiting museums)


4 km


Nevsky pr., 49

unusual routes

What is this route?

Unusual sights of the Northern capital - the same famous brand as the world-famous museums, palaces and monuments. It is worth it to deviate a little from the traditional tourist route through the main St. Petersburg and get to another St. Petersburg, not less surprising.

Who said that St. Petersburg courtyards are necessarily gray stone wells? On the route you will find bright graffiti, secret gardens, houses with a rich history and other interesting places, hidden from the eyes of inexperienced passers-by.

What will you see?

Interesting Places

Mosaic courtyard

Famous buildings

Salt town

Art museums

Museum of Applied Art

Historical Museums

Museum of The Defense and The Siege of Leningrad

Famous buildings

House of Insurance Company "Russia"

Famous buildings

House of Muruzi

Parks and gardens

Friendship Garden

Interesting Places

Courtyard of the House of Bak

Interesting Places

Garden of Saint-Germain

Parks and gardens

Italian Garden at the Liteyniy

Historical Museums

Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House

Parks and gardens

Fountain House Garden

Interesting Places

Art Courtyard

Interesting Places

Miniature monument to Daniil Kharms

Famous buildings


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What can you expect?

The route starts at the corner of the Fontanka embankment and Tchaikovsky street. Having examined and photographed the Mosaic courtyard, turn right into the Salt Town.

If bright festivals do not take place there (usually this happens in late spring – early summer), you can visit one of the two museums located in the side street: the Stieglitz Academy of Decorative Arts or the Museum of Defense and Siege of Leningrad, where in September 2019 a new exposition was opened. 

Further your path lies to Liteiny Prospect. Past the house of Muruzi, where the great Petersburger-poet Joseph Brodsky lived, you will go out to Kirochnaya street and reach the house of Bak with its intricate courtyards and airy galleries.

We then return to the Liteiny. On a stretch of no more than a hundred meters long, three secret gardens await you at once: Saint Germain on the even side, the Garden of the Fountain House and the Italian Garden on the odd one. On the way, we advise you to look inside the Art Courtyard on Zhukovsky Street and admire graffiti.

You can complete your route at the Anna Akhmatova Museum Fountain House or at the intersection of Liteiny and Nevsky Prospects, where the memory of the cult place of the St. Petersburg underground - the Saigon art coffee house - is still alive.