Fountain House Garden

Liteyniy Ave, 53
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The Garden of the Fountain House, also known as the Sheremetevsky Garden, is a square in the courtyard of the Anna Akhmatova Museum, which seems closed because it is surrounded on all sides by tall buildings.

A monument to the poetess, which was opened in 2006, as well as a monument to Osip Mandelstam, established a year later decorate the garden. Here you can see an interesting art object  "The Stool of a snitch", as well as the famous maple, sung by Akhmatova in "Poem Without a Hero".

Literature and music festivals, open-air exhibitions and other cultural events organized by the Anna Akhmatova Museum are held regularly in the garden of the Fountain House.

Until 1956, in the center of the garden there was a monument to Stalin, and now every year on October 30 there is an action «Returning names in memory of the victims of Stalinist repression.»