Miniature monument to Daniil Kharms


Zhukovskogo st., 20 (in the yard)


Opened in

November 2016

A miniature monument to the "Oberiut" writer Daniil Kharms can be found in the courtyard of 20 Zhukovsky Street. The metal sculpture is an exact copy of the self-portrait of the great Russian absurdist: these are the figures he depicted on his homemade business cards. A sign near the monument reads: “Daniil Kharms is a writer and poet. He lived not far from this place. "

The idea of creating a miniature monument to Kharms belongs to the St. Petersburg team of Not Such Quests. It was they who created a quest called "White Cross", dedicated to the strange life and terrible death of the brilliant master of black humor and absurdity. The monument was installed in November 2016.

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