Garden of Saint-Germain

Liteyniy Ave, 46
09:00 – 22:00

One of the few places in St. Petersburg, preserved in its original form. Hidden behind an openwork grate fence and three houses, the quiet green garden "Saint-Germain" is associated with something exquisite, French. Sometimes it was called the Belvedere and the Palais Royal.

The yard dates back to 1905, and according to one of the legends it was created in the XIX century by the architect Dr. A.H. Pel, the modern view of the courtyard was adopted after several reconstructions. Here, in the Manor of Rain, Anna Akhmatova and Fedor Shalyapin performed for the first time. The poet Joseph Brodsky and writer Sergei Dovlatov, musicians Boris Grebenshchikov and Victor Tsoy, many representatives of the Leningrad underground, loved to visit the garden of Saint-Germain.

Walking under the triple arch, pay attention to the Renaissance-Minerva decor in a helmet, Bartolo Coloni, Giuliano Medici, Latin letters and masks of satire. Now the view of the garden is somewhat neglected, which gives it an additional romantic aura.

Although the gate to the yard is closed to the lock with intercom, you can enter the garden if you wait for the tenants and ask permission to come along with them.

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