Nevsky Prospekt-1: from Malaya Morskaya to Sadovaya


Admiralteyskaya metro station

Travel time

40 minutes (at a calm pace, without visiting museums)


2 km


Gostiny Dvor metro station

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What is this route?

Nevsky Prospect is the main artery of St. Petersburg, which has absorbed the memory of three centuries. “There is nothing better than Nevsky Prospect, at least in St. Petersburg; for him it is everything. Why this street does not shine - the beauty of our capital! ”- N.V. Gogol wrote about it in his novel of the same name.

On this route you will not only see many famous monuments of history and architecture, but you will also be able to feel what the Northern capital was at the beginning of your journey, when the border of the city passed along the Fontanka River. The aura of Elizabethan and Catherine’s times was still preserved here, Pushkin, Gogol and Dostoevsky walked past these buildings, St. Petersburg fashionistas shone with outfits, and instead of rustling tires on asphalt, a clatter of hooves was heard on a cobblestone bridge.

What will you see?

Famous buildings

Wawelberg House

Interesting Places

Bird yard

Famous buildings

Arch of the General Staff

Famous buildings

House of Kotomin

Famous buildings

Chicherin's house


The Green Bridge

Art museums

The Stroganov Palace

Famous buildings

Mertens House




Kazan Cathedral


Monuments to Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly

Famous buildings

Zinger House


The Kazansky Bridge

Famous buildings

House of Engelhardt


The Catholic Church of St. Catherine

Famous buildings

Silver Rows

Famous buildings

The Tower of the City Duma


St. Catherine's Armenian Church

Famous buildings

Department store «Passage»

Famous buildings

Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor

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What can you expect?

Leaving the Admiralteyskaya metro station, the deepest in St. Petersburg, on the corner of Malaya Morskaya Street, you will see the Wawelberg house, reminiscent of a Venetian palazzo and built at the beginning of the 20th century. Next to it is the entrance from Malaya Morskaya Street to the unusual Bird Courtyard - an unusual space where birds sing and flowers bloom, where true St. Petersburg culture, kindness and understanding reign.

But back to Nevsky Prospect. Having reached Bolshaya Morskaya Street, on the opposite side of Nevsky you will see the entrance under the arch of the General Staff Building and the clock set by D.I. Mendeleev. Next - the house of Kotomin, where in fatal January 1836 in the confectionery Wolf and Beranger Pushkin himself stopped before the duel.

The pink house with columns in the 18th century belonged to General-Police Chief Chicherin. That is why the Green Bridge across the Moika River was formerly called the Policeman.

On the other side of the river is the Stroganov Palace, where the branch of the Russian Museum is located. You move on, and suddenly there are huge glazed windows: the house of Mertens, an unexpected transition to the beginning of the 20th century.

Have time for a break? Make it in Kazan Square, admiring the Kazan Cathedral and the monuments to Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly, and then go to the avenue to one of the most famous buildings in St. Petersburg - the Zinger House, where today the Book House and the headquarters of the VKontakte network are located.

Behind the Kazan bridge, one of the widest in St. Petersburg, on the corner of the embankment of the Griboedov Canal, you will see Engelhardt’s house - not only an example of classicism, but also the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. Immediately behind it was the "Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria" - the oldest temple in the city of the Roman Catholic Church.

Across the road is a building, without which it seems that not a single landscape with a view of Nevsky can do: the tower of the City Council, which has retained its appearance from the beginning of the 19th century. And after the Basilica, going a little ahead along the Nevsky, you will find another “hidden” temple - the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Catherine.

Truly luxurious, not only outside but also inside - the Passage department store, the next point on our route. Eclecticism, which has gained a new life as one of the most fashionable trading houses in modern Petersburg. And finally, the final stop is Gostiny Dvor: not just a metro station, but also the city’s largest department store for more than two centuries.