Unusual coffee route (Center)


Gorokhovaya st., 57А

Travel time

about 1 hour (at a steady pace; excluding time spent in cafes)


around 4 km


Pochtamskaya st., 1

unusual routes

What is this route?

Walking around St. Petersburg in search of unusual corners that cannot be found in traditional tourist applications, what could be better than a break with a cup of coffee and dessert? At moments like these, the city acquires a special charm, and time seems to stop. To make you feel this too, we made an unusual and very comfortable route through the city center, including the most atmospheric coffee houses and pastry shops.

What will you see?

Interesting Places


Interesting Places


Vegetarian Cuisine



Gorstkin Bridge

Famous buildings

Obukhovskaya hospital

Coffee and tea

Character of coffee

Interesting Places

Milestone with a sundial

Interesting Places

Nose of Major Kovalev

Interesting Places

The house of fulfillment of desires

Creative spaces


Coffee and tea

Seize the Impress

Famous buildings

House of Raskolnikov

Coffee and tea

Bunker Coffee

Historical Museums

St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Colonnade

Coffee and tea

Bize on Pochtamskaya

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What can you expect?

Our walk begins on Semenovskaya Square, where on one side of the Fontanka you will get acquainted with the legendary Rotonda, and on the other - you will look into the courtyard of an unusual ring-shaped house. And then you will move along the odd side of the embankment towards the Obukhov bridge, without reaching which is your first halt in the Character Coffee coffeehouse. Here, coffee is brewed using alternative methods, breakfasts are served all day, and the menu will delight adherents of a healthy diet!

Cross the Fontanka - right behind the bridge you will see an old milestone with a sundial, one of those signs of the 18th century that marked the road from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo. 

Cross the Fontanka River, along the Izmaylovsky Bridge, take a walk to the embankment of the Griboedov Canal and here, at the intersection with Rimsky-Korsakov Avenue, plunge into the real “Coffee Shop” with a huge selection of coffee for every taste. And nearby, on the corner of Voznesensky Prospect, pay attention to one of the strangest monuments in St. Petersburg - the nose of Major Kovalev. 

On the other side of the canal, on the corner of Grazhdanskaya Street, is the House of Desire, where the bistro is located, in which, as they say, wishes really come true. And at the same time, you can drink coffee or have a snack.

Your path lies to Haymarket through a mysterious area, nicknamed the Bermuda Triangle of St. Petersburg. It's time to travel to the past - for example, in the cafe "Pyshechka", where you will most likely recall your childhood. It serves the very famous Leningrad donuts with icing sugar. You can eat them together with traditional "cask" coffee with milk for greater authenticity, or classic coffee. 

The next stop is the creative space of the Berthhold Center with observation platforms, from where you can admire the rooftops of St. Petersburg of Dostoevsky. And here you will find Seize the Impress cafe with a huge selection of cottage cheese fritters. Local barista love coffee very much and are ready to share their knowledge and stories about coffee championships.

Nearby, on Kazanskaya Street, drop by the Bunker Coffee. The owners of the institution are designers, they create fashionable furniture and "futuristic" interior items. Many of the designers' works are presented in the "Bunker" - and, most interestingly, many things you like you can buy on the spot! 

And now, in front of you stands the goal of your journey - St. Isaac's Cathedral. Climb to its colonnade, and in front of you stretches the whole St. Petersburg. And having gone down to the ground, strengthen your powers in the Bize confectionery with a large selection of desserts, a retro interior and board games. Going home, grab something from the impressive assortment of the local bakery with you.