Nose of Major Kovalev

Voznesensky Ave., 11
Opened in
27 November 1995
Rezo Gabriadze and Vasily Azemsh / Vyacheslav Bukhayev

The nose of Major Kovalev can be called the most unusual monument in St. Petersburg. The idea of creating a sculpture belongs to the writer, actor and director Victor Zhuk. The monument was installed on the facade of the house No. 11 along Voznesensky Prospekt, in the place where his literary owner lived - the character of the story of N.V. Gogol's «The Nose».

On November 27, 1995, the sculpture was solemnly opened by the participants of the Festival of Satire and Humor "Golden Ostap". From gray limestone slab of size 60 cm by 35 cm a nose is sticking out. It is made of a pink Ukrainian marble, brought from home of N.V Gogol.

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