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Trip from central St. Petersburg to the capital of fountains and back
1100 руб.
Standard: ₽900 (adults) and ₽600 (children); Comfort: ₽1000 (adults) and ₽600 (children); Business Class: ₽1600 (adults) and ₽750 (children)
Trip from St. Petersburg to the Kotlin Island and back by high-speed hydrofoil boats
1000 руб.
To Kronstadt – Standard: ₽900 (adults), ₽500 (children); Comfort: ₽1,100 (adults), ₽900 (children); Business Class: ₽1,900 (adults), ₽1,700 (children). Back to St. Petersburg – ₽550 and ₽500; ₽600 and ₽500; ₽900 and ₽800, respectively
6 h
Sailing to Kronstadt
Trip to Kronstadt aboard the Meteor hydrofoil with a guided tour
2800 руб.
To Kronstadt and back with guided tour included: Standard: ₽2800 (adults) and ₽1400 (children); Comfort: ₽3000 (adults) and ₽1500 (children); Business Class: ₽3400 (adults) and ₽1600 (children)

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