Alexey Shishkov
Local historian and philologist with knowledge of European languages

My name is Alexey Shishkov. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a degree as philologist-novelist. Completed additional training in Germany, France and Switzerland. He worked in Central America, the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, Europe (France and Switzerland), led excursions around Paris.

Now I am giving tours of St. Petersburg and suburban residences.

For over 200 years, St. Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire, and many political, military and economic decisions that influenced the fate of Europe were made here.

It is correct to study the history of our city and its architecture - through its buildings, streets, squares and, first of all, through its palaces. The history of the House and Empire of the Romanovs, the logic of the construction and development of St. Petersburg and many other things will be discussed during our excursions.

The principle of my work is an individual approach to each tourist: the guide's story is based on your interests and what you already know about St. Petersburg.

I lead excursions, both on foot and in a comfortable car. In the off-season I try to build a route according to the weather - when it is raining or frosty outside, part of the excursion can take the form of a lecture in a cozy cafe.

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