Peter Dimitrov
Guide-translator of the highest category, author of the figurative memorization technique

My name is Peter Dimitrov, I am a professional guide-translator of the highest category with Russian, Bulgarian, Polish and English.

I know the answers to almost all the tricky questions about the history of St. Petersburg. I react to questions, the answers to which I do not know, with violent embarrassment, which looks quite funny, so you will get pleasure anyway.

I love showing the most beautiful city on earth, proving that it is the MOST beautiful city on earth, telling funny facts, amusing stories, mystical legends, but I don't like to sprinkle names and dates.

If you want to know:

- How was the bridge rude to the FSB officers?
- Where did the words come from: loitering, gopnik and free kick?
- Why does the Bronze Horseman have hearts in his eyes?
- Which church had a morgue, and which one had a swimming pool?
- What is between the legs of a horse on Nevsky Prospect?

... and much, much more - come to my excursions around St. Petersburg!

I am also a memory trainer and I conduct mnemonic excursions for children and adults using a unique method of figurative memorization. Join and see: there are no such excursions anywhere else in the world!

St. Petersburg Palaces
Individual walk through the resplendent Northern capital
Petersburg discoveries: Vasilievsky Island
Acquaintance with the unusual sights of the island.
From the Bermuda Triangle to the Five Corners
A walk through the places where Petersburg myths were intertwined with real events
Birth of St. Petersburg
Walk along the Peter and Paul Fortress and the front Petrograd side
Many-sided Nevsky Prospect
A detailed walk along the Nevsky Prospect with a tour of historical interiors
The circle of grand ducal palaces
Walk in a rare beautiful area around New Holland