Tatiana Gribaleva
An experienced guide with a deep knowledge of the history of St. Petersburg

My name is Tatiana, I am a tour guide in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. I love St. Petersburg, which is even more beautiful in cloudy weather - it comes out to meet us out of the fog, gleaming with gilded domes and spiers. And these banks of the Neva, rivers and canals, dressed in granite and cast-iron lace, are like a holiday!

Petersburg is a mysterious city that arose “in spite of” ... In spite of natural conditions, it was built on swamps. Contrary to the historical events of that time - after all, it began to be built "de jure" on Swedish lands. And in just a little over three centuries, our mysterious city has included the whole world.

Walking around St. Petersburg, I constantly discover something new and interesting. I am glad to share my discoveries with Petersburgers and guests of our city and sincerely envy those who come to St. Petersburg for the first time.

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