Ekaterina Voronkova
Art critic, specialist of the Russian Museum and guide to St. Petersburg

It happens that you go out at the Admiralty, look around and think: "What a beauty!" And in the soul, the lines are born by themselves:

«I love you, Peter's creation,

I love your strict slender look»… —

and then you remember that it was already written before you. :)

Seriously though: my name is Ekaterina and I am a city connoisseur, ethnographer, art critic, employee of the State Russian Museum, graduate student of the Institute of Culture and just an excellent storyteller.

Different guests come to our city. Someone needs a ceremonial Petersburg, someone needs a tour of the front doors and bars. Many come with families with small children and teenagers, and someone decides to arrange a bachelorette party with girlfriends from all over the world. I have suitable programs for everyone, interesting stories and unique information that you cannot read about in books.

See you!