Anna Khlebnikova
Guide-translator with author's excursions in Russian and English

My name is Anna, I am a guide-translator and tour guide in St. Petersburg. I design and conduct excursions in Russian and English.

I have been living in St. Petersburg for a long time, and all this time the city never ceases to amaze and delight me! Every corner of it - almost every house or square, street or bridge - promises an encounter with an interesting history. For three hundred years, such small stories have formed a great St. Petersburg novel, which fascinates you so much that you cannot tear yourself away.

It is easy to breathe in this city, easy to walk, here at every step there is history and modernity, past and present. I am waiting for you to be your guide. See you in St. Petersburg!

Petersburg discoveries: Vasilievsky Island
Acquaintance with the unusual sights of the island.
Birth of St. Petersburg
Walk along the Peter and Paul Fortress and the front Petrograd side
Tsarskoe Selo: The Grandeur of Royal Life
Personalized and guided walking tour
Pavlovsk: A Switzerland in Russia
Guided tour to Pavlovsk’s park and palace
Prison and temple, theater and market
Walk along the Kryukov Canal
From Sennaya to Seven Bridges
Houses and people of the Griboyedov Canal