Petersburg of the 21st century


metro station «Novokrestovskaya»

Travel time

around 1 hour (calm pace)


around 5km


metro station «Begovaya»

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What is this route?

The northern coast of the Neva Bay is sometimes called St. Petersburg Dubai. With the famous port in the United Arab Emirates, an abundance of vivid examples of futuristic architecture makes it similar. On the route that runs between two neighboring metro stations - Novokrestovskaya and Begovaya, you will see the famous football stadium hosting the 2018 FIFA championship, an aquapark with the world's largest wooden dome, the second tallest building in Europe and Russia, ultra-modern bridges through the Neva Bay and much more.

What will you see?

Metro Stations



Cable bridge across the Petrovsky fairway

Modern architecture

Sibur Arena

Famous buildings

Stadium Saint-Petersburg

Modern architecture

The boarding school of the Ministry of Defense

Unusual monuments

The arch-belfry with carillon

Modern architecture


Parks and gardens

Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg

Modern architecture

Tinkoff Arena

Restaurants with a view


Famous buildings

Lakhta Center

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What can you expect?

The Novokrestovskaya metro station, with which the route begins, is in itself of interest as an example of modern architecture. It was opened on May 26, 2018 and is equipped with the latest technology: there are inclined travelators, escalators and two elevators for people with limited mobility. The platforms are separated from the tracks by glass walls with automatic sliding doors.

Outside there are spectacular views of the Gulf of Finland and the modern Western High Speed Diameter bridge. Next to the metro is a public space equipped with benches and swings similar to those installed at the Mayakovskaya station in Moscow.

We’ll go around the famous Gazprom Arena stadium from the south - for this, a long pedestrian bridge was built over the South Road (it was believed that the bridge was temporary, only for the period of the World Cup, but it still stands). The stadium building is impressive, but to your left there is another interesting building - the Sibur Arena sports complex, built in 2013.

We continue to go around the Gazprom Arena, now from the north. Before going to the Yacht Bridge, pay attention to the arch with a carillon, set for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. The 27-meter belfry has 23 automatic bells and 18 traditional Russian bells. According to the creators, the carillon can play up to 200 tunes, but it, unfortunately, does not work.

The yacht bridge leading from Krestovsky Island to the Primorsky District is the highest and longest of the pedestrian bridges in St. Petersburg. Its length is 672 meters, height - 16 meters. It was also built for the football championship, and opened a year earlier, before the Confederations Cup.

Peterland Waterpark attracts attention with its unique wooden dome - this is the largest of these wooden structures in the world. The dome is 43 meters high and 90 meters in diameter in shape resembles a giant gazebo, moreover, transparent: the dome structure is visible from the outside, and the sky from the inside.

Take a halt in the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. There is a beach, and attractions, and fountains, and just benches in shady alleys. At the end of the central alley by the sea, inspect the granite three-tier column, stylized as a lighthouse: the tiers symbolize the three-century history of the city.

Passing through the park, you will see a high-tech cylindrical building. This “Tinkoff Arena” (M-1 Arena) is a modern sports and concert complex with an original design of the dome of the auditorium, but you can only see it from the inside.

The construction, which rises on the other side of the strait, is not necessary to imagine: it is the architectural dominant of the entire northern part of St. Petersburg - the 87-story skyscraper of the Lakhta Center with a height of 462 meters. This is the second tallest building in Europe, second only to the 540-meter Ostankino television tower in Moscow.

This completes your route, now you can walk to the Begovaya metro station and return to the city center.