The boarding school of the Ministry of Defense



Grebnoy Canal emb., 9


Years of foundation



Ingmar Witwitz



The building of the Boarding School of the Ministry of Defense on Bull Island, north of Krestovsky, was originally conceived as a judo club. In 2005, the plot was leased to an investor - “Judo Sports Club“ Yavara-Neva ”LLC (Honorary President of the Club - Vladimir Putin, General Director - Arkady Rotenberg).

The project of the complex was developed by Ingmar Vitvitsky LLC Ingmar Architectural and Construction Bureau. It was supposed to consist of 12 separate houses, reminiscent of two sheets of wood in plan: the east — a single building with a universal hall for 1,500 people, a pool and a hotel, and the west — 11 separate four-story cottages with a courtyard.

In April 2013, the buildings were erected in structures, and then the construction stopped. In 2018, an agreement was reached on the transfer of the unfinished complex to the Ministry of Defense to create a branch of the boarding school.

The new developer was PKU "Office of the customer of capital construction of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation." Changes were made to the project: 11 cottages were combined, laying spaces between them and creating arches instead of two passageways.

The guesthouse was inaugurated on September 2, 2019.