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Western tip of Krestovsky island
Metro Stations
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Years of foundation

The station of the 3rd (Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya, Green) line was opened May 26, 2018 for the FIFA-2018 World Cup, St. Petersburg matches of which were held at the new Gazprom Arena stadium. The name is associated with the village of Novokrestovskaya, once located nearby.

The station itself was built on an alluvial territory - before the waters of the Neva Bay splashed here, and now from the Novokrestovsky pavilions there are impressive views of the Gulf of Finland and the modern bridge of Western high-speed diameter.

The station has two ground pavilions. In the days of football matches, both pavilions work, and on the remaining days - only one, the south (and even that, as a rule, is empty).

The underground halls of Novokrestovsky are equipped with the latest technology: there are inclined travelators, conventional escalators and two elevators for people with limited mobility. The platforms are separated from the tracks by glass walls with automatic sliding doors.

Passengers exit on the right side, as at other metro stations with coastal platforms (in our city these are Kupchino, Parnas and Devyatkino). But Novokrestovskaya is the only station with such an arrangement of platforms that is not final. At the same time, in the center of the hall there is a transition from one platform to another - in case the passenger passes his station and wants to transfer to the oncoming train in order to return.

The station is designed in marine colors. In addition to massive blue columns and an abundance of transparent planes, attention is drawn to three-dimensional paintings with an animated effect.

Another innovation was the use of a double-track tunnel in the section from the Primorskaya station to the Begovaya station. In a tunnel with a diameter of 10.3 meters there are two railway tracks (usually a tunnel is laid for each track).

The Novokrestovsky project was developed by a group of architects and engineers of the Metrostroy company.