Primorsky pr., 72


10:00 – 22:00

Years of foundation



E.V. Podgornov



Peterland shopping center on Primorsky Prospekt is not only a shopping and entertainment center with the largest indoor water park in the country, but also a striking example of modern architecture.

The history of the building begins in 2002, when here, on the bank of the Neva Bay, in the place known as “Drunken Harbor”, they decided to build a European tennis center. Later this idea was abandoned, and in 2005 the design of a sports and entertainment complex with a water park, bowling, ice rink, shops, a cafe and a hotel, as well as a marina and a helipad on the roof began.

Soon, construction began and became a classic long-term construction. Investors, owners, deadlines and the project itself were changing. Finally, in 2012, the Peterland shopping center was opened. The five-story shopping and entertainment complex includes a shopping gallery with shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment for children and adults, and most importantly - a huge water park with an area of 25,000 square meters.

The water park of the “Peterland” attracts attention with its unique wooden dome. The height - 43 meters and the diameter - 90 meters makes it the largest wooden structure in the world. The shape of the dome resembles a gigantic arbor: farms reach almost the ground. The tree is specially treated with a special composition - in case of fire, the dome will be able to withstand fire for more than an hour. The dome is covered with translucent plastic. Plastic is transparent enough for natural lighting of the water park; the dome structure is visible from the outside, and the sky from the inside.