St. Petersburg from above


Grazhdanskaya st., 13-15

Travel time

1 hour 5 minutes (1 hour 35 minutes) (taking into account trips by public transport, not including time spent on viewing platforms)


5,6 km/9,7 km


Ligovsky pr., 74 (or Smolny Cathedral)

unusual routes

What is this route?

You can see St. Petersburg from above only by rising to the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral or ordering a walk on the roofs in one of the tour agencies - right? Not really. The city has many viewing platforms, from where a variety of, sometimes most unexpected, angles will open up for you.

In this route we have collected for you the most interesting viewpoints located in the center of St. Petersburg. In some places you can stop for a halt over a cup of coffee.

What will you see?

Creative spaces


Creative spaces

Art space «Palm»


Sky and Wine

Historical Museums

St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Colonnade

Famous buildings

The Tower of the City Duma

Unusual museums

Carl Bulla Museum

Modern architecture

Gallery (shopping mall)

Panoramic viewpoints



Zarenkov Gallery


Vladimir Cathedral

Panoramic viewpoints

Excursion to the belfry of the Smolny Cathedral

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What can you expect?

The journey begins on Grazhdanskaya Street, in the Berthold Center creative space, from the roof of which you can see the center of St. Petersburg, and at the same time drink coffee and have a bite to eat.

Through Antonenko Lane, go to St. Isaac's Square - and here it is, the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral! Take a bird's eye view of the city. Then along Malaya Morskaya street - to Nevsky, where in the place 43 time cafe you will make another halt and admire the panorama of Nevsky Prospekt (in summer - from the open terrace). 

At the intersection of Nevsky and Sadovaya streets, visit the museum of the photographer Karl Bulla. Here, from the high balcony, the city center will open up in front of you - you can compare it with the historical photos presented in the exhibition. 

One metro stop to Mayakovskaya, and on Marata Street 36-38, go up to the Mansard time cafe overlooking the city rooftops. Further - to Ligovsky Prospekt: there you will have a wonderful opportunity to make an excursion to the MPVO tower, which has remained from the days of the blockade. Tours are held every hour, tickets can be bought online.

Opposite of the tower is the Gallery shopping center, where a huge panoramic restaurant, Big Kitchen, is located on the roof. You can complete the route here, or on the roof of the FLOORS Loft project, from where a wide overview of Ligovka and its surroundings opens.

And for fans of the viewing platforms there is an amazing continuation of the route: by bus to the Smolny Cathedral, where you will climb the belfry and see the whole city center, the Neva and Okhta from a height of 50 meters.