Green Line


St. Isaac's Square, 4 (opposite the main entrance to St. Isaac's Cathedral)

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48 hr



St. Isaac's Square, 4 (opposite the main entrance to St. Isaac's Cathedral)

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What is this route?

We travel through the historic center of St. Petersburg on double-decker buses of our strategic partner, City Sightseeing, using the system Hop On Hop Off.

This system is known all over the world: you buy a single ticket for one or two days and go on a sightseeing tour. You can board the bus at any stop, get off the bus at any of the stops, admire the views, take a photo and then continue on another bus with the same ticket. City Sightseeing buses run on two routes - Red and Green - a single ticket is valid for any of them and for both.

The double-decker buses have an audio guide in 11 languages for Petersburgers and visitors from different countries, which you listen to while driving. And when leaving at bus stops, open the Petersburg 24 mobile application, and the whole city will be in your pocket!

After downloading the application and turning on geolocation in your smartphone, you will see all the interesting places and events near you or select what you are interested in in the heading menu. The appendix contains more than two thousand articles in Russian and English.

The Petersburg 24 mobile guide will show you not only world famous, but also unusual sights, architectural monuments, museums and art galleries, Petersburg courtyards and city sculpture, creative spaces, bars, restaurants, coffee houses and much more.

And most importantly, you will find here detailed hiking trails designed specifically for free travelers, including those who are exploring St. Petersburg using the Hop On Hop Off system.

Let's take the Green Route together on the double-decker buses of our partner City Sightseeing.

What will you see?

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, Sphinxes

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, Kunstkamera

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, Peter and Paul Fortress

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, New Holland

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, The cruiser Aurora

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, Palace Embankment

Остановки экскурсионных автобусов

City Sightseeing Bus, The Hermitage (Palace Square)

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What can you expect?

Green route of double-decker buses City Sightseeing —  is a tour of the most famous sights of the historical center of St. Petersburg, including the islands on which our city began: Vasilievsky, Zayachy and Gorodovoy (now Petrogradsky), as well as the island of New Holland.

9 stops await you, next to each of which are our signature hiking trails. Get off at the stops and choose what interests you most with the help of the Petersburg 24 Mobile Guide. There are many museums along the route, so we advise you to hit the road early.

1. Starting point: stop "St. Isaac's Cathedral": St. Isaac's Square, 4, at the main entrance to the cathedral.

You can go for a walk along these routes both before the start of the bus sightseeing tour, and after its completion.

«Petersburg from above».

St. Isaac's Cathedral is famous for its colonnade, from where you can see the entire center of St. Petersburg from a bird's eye view. But there is often a long line. Did you know that this is far from the only observation deck in the city? We will show you other places with equally impressive views.

«Parade squares of St. Petersburg».

The route runs from St. Isaac's and Senatskaya to Palace Square. It contains the most important sights for which millions of tourists come to St. Petersburg to see them not only on postcards, but also with their own eyes: the Winter Palace, the Arch of the General Staff Building, the Admiralty, the Bronze Horseman, etc.

«Bankers and Jewelers Street».

If this is not your first time in St. Petersburg and have already seen the most important thing, we invite you to take a walk along one of the most fashionable streets of the city - Bolshaya Morskaya. Wealthy residents of St. Petersburg, including the court jeweler Karl Faberge, lived here, and at the beginning of the 20th century, it was here that many banking buildings and the first telephone exchange in the city were erected.

2. Stop "Hermitage": Dvortsovy passage from the side of the Winter Palace. 

If you set out on a trip in the morning, then it's time to visit the Hermitage. But keep in mind that currently the ticket offices in the museum are closed, and tickets to the Hermitage can only be purchased online, moreover, for certain sessions. If visiting the Hermitage today is not part of your plans, or you are traveling in the evening, then you can choose one of the routes through the "brilliant St. Petersburg".

«Palace Petersburg».

It is from here that one of the main tourist routes in St. Petersburg, "Dvortsovy", begins. Do you want to see the Northern capital in all its splendor? The main imperial residences and grand-ducal palaces, world-famous museums, monuments and gardens are located here ... And how fabulous they look in the evening in captivating architectural lighting!

«Petersburg classics».

This is one of the must see routes for those who have limited time, but want to see the most beautiful places in the Northern capital. A not very long, but very eventful journey from the Hermitage to Gostiny Dvor will acquaint you with almost all Petersburg classics.

«The city of the architect Rossi».

There is also a thematic route dedicated to the creations of the great architect Carl Rossi, who created the most famous buildings in St. Petersburg. Can you tell the difference between the style of buildings built by Rossi and the style of the Admiralty, which was erected by another architect?

3. Stop "Strelka Vasilyevsky Island": Exchange Square, near the first Rostral Column.

We are on Vasilievsky Island, along which several routes have been laid - both classic and unusual.

«The first front embankment Petersburg».

Is it your first time in St. Petersburg or are you hosting guests who dream of plunging into its 300-year history? Before you is the first front embankment of the Northern capital, where the government buildings of the Russian Empire were located under Peter I. It is curious: for the first hundred years this embankment remained wooden! You can visit the Kunstkamera, a branch of the Hermitage in the Menshikov Palace or the Zoological Museum. In the evening, when the museums are closed, you will see the banks of the Neva and famous architectural monuments in decorative lighting.

«Petersburg openings on Vasilievsky».

This is a very unusual route. And Vasilievsky Island is a strange place in itself. Here, instead of streets - lines, instead of names - numbers, moreover, the numbers on the right and left sides of the street are different. Here all paths lead to the sea. Here is the Peter's collection of wonders and the narrowest street in St. Petersburg, similar to the streets of medieval cities. And it was on this island that Joseph Brodsky was going to come to die in his now classic poem.

«Creative island».

And this route is for those who have already seen a lot in St. Petersburg, and who are interested in the creative life of the city. After all, Vasilievsky Island is rightfully recognized as the creative center of St. Petersburg. The most non-trivial and fascinating creative spaces are concentrated here in a huge number - as a rule, they are located in the buildings of former or existing plants and factories. Stock up on time: the route is quite long - it included almost the entire island.

4. Stop "Peter and Paul Fortress": Kronverkskaya embankment, opposite the Kronverksky bridge. 

«The birth of St. Petersburg».

The route will take you to the times of Peter the Great, when our city was laid and built. How did the Northern Capital begin, and after whom did the city get its name? How was the Peter and Paul Fortress built, who was buried in its cathedral, and who was imprisoned in its casemates? Where was the first St. Petersburg bridge built, and who put the hare on a pile? At what height does the angel fly on the spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral? Is it possible to sit on the lap of Peter the Great himself and walk around the entire center of St. Petersburg in five minutes?

You will find answers to these and other questions on our itinerary, which, among other things, includes visiting the Peter and Paul Fortress (today it is the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg), climbing its observation platforms and visiting the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

5. Stop "Troitskaya square": Troitskaya square, intersection with st. Kuibyshev. 

«The birth of St. Petersburg».

Leaving at this stop, you can continue your acquaintance with the history of the construction of the Northern capital and look into the House of Peter I, the first residence of the first Russian emperor.

«Petrograd side: modern and not only».

And you can also go on a fascinating journey to the beginning of the 20th century along Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt and learn about the heyday of the Petrograd side and the Art Nouveau style. This period began in 1903 after the opening of the permanent Trinity Bridge: the area became fashionable, and the nouveau riches from all over St. Petersburg flocked here ...

6. Stop "Cruiser" Aurora "": Petrogradskaya emb., 2-4. 

The cruiser "Aurora" is a branch of the Central Naval Museum named after Emperor Peter the Great. Climb aboard this legendary ship, and then invite to a walking tour along the banks of the Neva.

«Right bank - left bank».

Do you know that it is from here that the most beautiful views open up? Take a trip along four tourist embankments, admire the panorama of the Neva and the numerous sights of its two banks, get acquainted with different periods of the history of our city and country.

7. Stop "Hermitage": Dvortsovaya emb., 38, across the street from the Winter Palace.

If you have not yet walked along the embankments and squares of the ceremonial St. Petersburg, then you can do it right now. They are especially beautiful in the evening when the architectural lighting is on. Before you are two classic tourist routes.

«Palace Petersburg».

«Parade squares of St. Petersburg».

8. Stop "Admiralteyskaya embankment": Admiralteyskaya embankment, opposite the Descent with Lions. 

Here, at the Admiralty building and the famous lion pier, you can change from the Green Line of City Sightseeing double-decker buses to the Red one. After all, it is on it that the Palace Square and the Winter Palace, St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals, the Admiralty and the Bronze Horseman, the entire Nevsky Prospect, the Summer Garden and many famous sights of the historical center of St. Petersburg are located.

A single Hop On Hop Off bus ticket is valid for both routes.

Meanwhile, the bus continues its journey along the Green Route - to its last stop before the finish.

9. Stop "New Holland": Labor Square, 6 / Konnogvardeisky Boulevard.

The man-made island of New Holland was created at the behest of Peter I for the needs of the Admiralty. Today, the city park is located here - a creative space where holidays, festivals, exhibitions and other events take place, cafes, bars and restaurants work, and an ice rink is flooded in winter. After getting off at this stop, you can also visit the Central Naval Museum and / or walk along the two hiking trails.

«Circle of grand ducal palaces».

This circular route is located away from the traditional tourist paths. However, in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, there are few places that, in terms of the number of grand ducal palaces, can be compared with the Promenade des Anglais and the outskirts of New Holland. You will get acquainted with the outstanding monuments of St. Petersburg palace architecture, learn about the life of the Russian aristocracy in the nineteenth century and the fate of these buildings and their inhabitants in the twentieth century.

Prison and temple, theater and market (Kryukov channel).

Unusual route name? But all this is true: on the banks of the Kryukov Canal there was both a prison castle and the largest theater in the capital, here is one of the main St. Petersburg churches - the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, and not so long ago the restored Nikolsky market started working again. And do not forget to experience the magical power of "Semimost", which fulfills the wishes of travelers!