Creative Ligovka


Pushkinskaya-10 Art Center (53 Ligovsky pr.53)

Travel time

about 1 hour (in a calm pace, excluding the time spent in museums, clubs and shops)


4,8 km


club FISH FABRIQUE NOUVELLE (Ligovsky pr. 53)

unusual routes

What is this route?

The area of Ligovsky Prospect is one of the "places of power" of creative residents and guests of St. Petersburg. The concentration of creative spaces, unusual shops, galleries and museums per square meter here is amazing. On this route we suggest visiting the most interesting places where you can reveal your creative potential from many different angles.

What will you see?

Creative spaces


Art museums

Museum of Nonconformist Art

Creative spaces

Museum of Sound on Pushkinskaya 10



Interesting Places

John Lennon Street


Gallery MArt


The Mitki Art Center

Creative spaces

Sergei Kur’ohin’s center of contemporary art

Creative shopping


Creative spaces

Loft Project Etagi

Creative spaces

Open space on Dostoevskogo 34

Creative spaces

Mind Games

Еще 8 +

What can you expect?

The first point of the route is the Pushkinskaya-10 art center. This unique place is a whole creative town in the city. Here you will find art galleries, creative workshops, the only non-conformist art museum in Russia, the Museum of Sound and much more. And this is where John Lennon Street is - a place of pilgrimage for Beatles fans. 

In addition to various exhibitions and festivals, on Pushkinskaya, 10, you can visit the legendary club FISH FABRIQUE NOUVELLE, which is called the factory of St. Petersburg club culture (if the club hosts a concert today, it is better to leave it for the evening).

Nearby, on Marat Street, opposite each other are two galleries of modern art. One of them has the talking name “MART”, and the other is the legendary “Mitki-Art Center”. Mitki is a creative association that was born in the 80s and has become one of the components of the unofficial art of Leningrad. Exhibitions are held in a former apartment: you will plunge into the atmosphere of a real St. Petersburg underground.

Returning to Ligovka, you will find yourself in the center of contemporary art named after Sergey Kuryokhin. This place is designed to unite under its roof young talents that go beyond the mainstream. Famous music festivals and exhibitions are held here.

Music lovers will also be attracted by Vinylbox, a vinyl record store with a wide selection of genres, from indie pop to punk and hip hop.

Of course, the “Creative Ligovka” cannot go without the legendary “Floors”. This is a large space with unusual and creative shops, restaurants, bars, cafes. In "Floors" various festivals, culinary festivals, concerts and film screenings, exhibitions, etc. are held.

Turn to Raz’ezzhaya street, and from there - onto Dostoevsky street, where for all those who are not indifferent to the political and social problems of our country, there is a public coworking called “Open Space”.

Opposite is the intellectual cluster of the “Mind Games”. Here you can take a master class, attend a lecture, learn how to dance and think outside of the box, and finally, have a tasty lunch. Then, with a clear conscience, return to FISH FABRIQUE NOUVELLE!