Tasty Treats (Vkysnye Shtuchki)


Krasnogo Kursanta st., 1


Coffee and tea


10:00 – 21:00

Average bill

400 rubles


+7 (812) 235-60-67

The main feature of this establishment is ice cream and desserts, which are made by hand from natural ingredients without dyes or preservatives. Ice cream here is at the level of art. It is done not in tons, but in kilograms. There are both traditional tastes and unusual ones: for example, marzipan with ginger, “white mushrooms”, “gorgonzola with honey and pine nuts”. There are about 40 types of ice cream in the assortment, including sorbets. Also in the menu there are salads, soups, pasta and desserts at affordable prices.

Unfortunately, there is no toilet in the pastry shop.

Popular dishes:

  • Tiramisu - 130 rubles
  • Cannoli with cheese cream - 46 rubles
  • Marzipan roll - 80 rubles
  • Blueberry and lavender sorbe - 140 rubles / 100 g
  • Classic cheesecake - 110 rubles
  • Chestnut sorbet with rum and bergamot - 140 rubles / 100 g
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