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The historic attraction VGOSTI is a unique project, which visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of St. Petersburg at the end of the XIX century. The attraction combines immersive and interactive formats. Its goal is to recreate the daily life of St. Petersburg from different historical periods, understand global events through the prism of the life of a simple city dweller.

Having come to VGOSTI, you find yourself in a typical Petersburg pub in 1898, a kind of a club. It is the center of social life, serving not just eating and drinking, but also for making deals and meetings of all sorts. Remember the hours of conversation in the taverns of the heroes of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.

VGOSTI creative space is multifunctional. There are guided tours devoted to various aspects of urban life of the late XIX century, master classes in etiquette and calligraphy, quest mystery, costume parties and other events. And “The Nail of the Program” is a historic interactive play-immersion “1898”, based on real events that took place in St. Petersburg on one day in 1898.

The VGOSTI attraction is located in a historic building on Vasilyevsky Island - the apartment house of V.F. Gromov. The house was built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, and in 1858-1859 it was rebuilt in eclectic style according to the design of the architect G.I. Winterhalter.

In the years 1860–1861 the writer N.G.Chernyshevsky lived in this house, and in 1912-1924, the museum of Leo Tolstoy was located here. In 1910, the baker Nikolai Savichev opened a bakery here. In the same house he lived with his family. In 1941, his 11-year-old daughter Tanya Savicheva wrote a blockade diary, now known to the whole world.

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