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The new creative cluster "Vavilov Loft" on Vasilievsky Island will become the largest public space in the historical part of the city. The area of space is 2 hectares, the area of the cluster is 30,000 sq. m

"Vavilov Loft" is positioned as the ideological successor to "Golitsyn Loft" and is already being actively settled. It will bring together bar and gastronomic projects, creative workshops and showrooms.

The space consists of several buildings connected by passages and recreation areas. Showrooms, workshops, coworking spaces and offices for creative projects will open in a special area on the second floor. Bars and restaurants with summer terraces will be located in spacious courtyards with green areas. The best local designers, architects, artists and urbanists will take part in the development of the cluster.

"Vavilov Loft" is located in the building of the Institute of Optics. Vavilov, which was built in 1952 by the architect S. Evdokimov in the style of Stalinist neoclassicism. The central part of the building is decorated with a rotunda, and the facade is highlighted by a portico with half-columns of the Tuscan order. The interior has preserved the historic rows of benches, the pulpit and the balustrade railing of the stairs.

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