Shopping and Entertainment Mall «Piter Raduga»

Kosmonavtov pr., 14
Theme clusters
10:00 – 22:00

«Piter Raduga», situated in Moscow district not far from SCC Petersburg, is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in St. Petersburg. It was built in 2007 according to the project of the architect D.V.Lovkachev and it was expanded in 2014-2016. 

Today on the area of 124 000 sq.m. over 200 shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment zones, including first IMAX cinema with playgrounds, bouqling and karaoke are situated. 

Here you will find popular spaces for family time spending - kids town "KidBurg" and interactive science museum "Labirintum".

Under the roof of «Piter Raduga» interesting events for kids and adults are organizes including large scale ones. 

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