Sound-Cafe LADЫ


Glukhaya Zelenina st., 2




11:00 – 23:00

Average bill

1300 rubles


Russian, Italian, Georgian



A multi-format space, United café and concert hall, where performances and recognized stars, and only beginners. Pop, bard song, jazz, and chapel, rock, classical music, chanson, ethnics – all this (and not only) sounds in Ladas. On Sundays from 17.00 – karaoke parties.

In Sound-Cafe “LADY” has its own special feature, which in St. Petersburg you will not find anywhere else – wireless headphones. Silent-technology – the unconditional trend and the must-have of the modern world! Headphones give the opportunity to feel comfortable at any event and in any mood. If you want to hear musicians in Studio quality – put on headphones and enjoy. And if there was a desire to discuss something with friends – remove the headphones and you do not have to shout or listen to the words. It really needs a try once!

The café serves wines and spirits, cocktails and aperitifs with a variety of snacks. Here, the best traditions of Russian, Italian and Georgian cuisine were taken as a basis and a menu was created, which took into account the interests of both lovers of juicy meat, and supporters of vegetarianism, and even adherents of raw food. But without claims to the involvement of high cooking. After all, it is primarily a music cafe.

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