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Евгения Остроумова
Moskovsky pr. 107, building 5
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The theater, created in 2012 on the site of the famous shoe factory Skorokhod, is designed to withstand the traditional stationary repertoire of the drama psychological academic theater. There is a place for dance, music, cinema and everything new and relevant in any form of performative art. Today on the site you can see modern ballet, tomorrow a new opera written in the hip-hop genre, and the day after tomorrow - a documentary theater. Vanguard and mainstream. St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kostroma, Europe, Israel, the USA - it doesn’t matter where the performance came from, but the authors always have something to say, and the audience has something to see.

The platform includes a theater hall for 200 people and an exhibition space, which also has an organic cafe.

The buildings where the site is located can tell an interesting story. A shoe company called the Partnership of the St. Petersburg Mechanical Production of Shoes was founded on September 11, 1882. The name "Skorohod" was assigned to the place in 1910. In the Soviet years, Skorokhod was the largest shoe manufacturing enterprise in the USSR.

The factory buildings were erected in the years 1885-1914 according to the designs of architects A.I. Reinboldt, E.A. Gustavson and O.R. Muntza, the fifth building was built in 1885.

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