Six seasons

13th line V.O., 78
12:00 – 23:00
Average bill
1700 rub
+7 (812) 458-82-08

The Six Seasons restaurant on Vasilyevsky Island has been operating since 2020, but earlier it specialized in the delivery of dishes, and the special feature of the online establishment was a video broadcast from the open kitchen. The restaurant has recently moved offline, and now guests can get acquainted with the restaurant concept in the establishment itself.

The name of the restaurant reflects the variability of nature, which is not limited to four seasons. In addition to the main four, the creators of the restaurant taught late autumn and late spring. According to the team, these periods are also distinctive and interesting for their aesthetics and products. This approach gives a lot of room for experimentation with dishes and serving. The project team focuses on the pure taste of products, naturalness and cooperation with local producers, both large and small.

The kitchen of the project is headed by brand chef Alexander Kokurin, known for the W Hotel and Four Seasons projects. He has worked with renowned chefs from France and China, including Alain Ducasse. Alexander presents fusion cuisine in the author's interpretation. When developing the concept of the Six Seasons menu, he was inspired by visiting eco-paths and solitude with nature. Alexander Kokurin selected the best chefs of St. Petersburg to the team, one of them is Alexander Nenashev, who is called a “legend man” in gastronomic circles: he stood at the origins of the opening of the Grand Hotel Europe and began his career path together with Ilya Lazerson, with whom co-wrote a cookbook.

Signature appetizers include pintxos and tapas with smoked tomato jam, beef and Parmesan mousse, salmon and cream cheese. Flagship main dishes are chicken breast with seasonal root vegetables, squid risotto with passion fruit sauce, cod with spinach and pike caviar, creamy green pea soup with eel.

The bar menu was compiled by Sergei Ivashkevich, who is in the top 5 most famous bartenders in St. Petersburg. Cocktails in the Six Seasons bar list received names and flavor combinations corresponding to the seasons: spring, May-June, summer, August-September, autumn, winter. The wine list includes more than 20 positions from all over the world: Germany, New Zealand, France, Spain. The sommelier of the restaurant will select the perfect wine pair for each dish.

The natural theme is also reflected in the interior. The main space in deep green tones symbolizes the forest, scorched logs, living plants, stabilized moss act as decor here, over each table the light falls pointwise on the dishes, like the sun breaking through the trees in the thicket.

The more secluded part of the space is inspired by small groves where there is a lot of greenery and air. The bar area has become a symbol of gazebos in nature, where you can chat and relax. The restaurant has 40 seats in total.

The interior contains several installations that attract the eye. The first is the projection of tree shadows onto canvases under the ceiling. The second is a glass wall filled with broken dishes and moss in the entrance area. The third is the existing infrastructure of Vasilevsky Island right in the restaurant - an old water pipe peeping through the decorative greenery. The interior, like the concept of the restaurant, is filled with the idea of human influence on nature and the cyclical nature of life, its beginning and end.

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