To Sergey Yesenin


Tauride Garden



Opened in

5 October 1995


A. S. Charkin / F. K. Romanovsky, S. L. Mikhailov


3 meters

Monument to Russian poet Sergei Yesenin was set to centennial anniversary of the poet. The Sergei Yesenin Charitable Foundation decided to build a monument in St. Petersburg, where the poet spent the last days of his life. The same fund has financed the design, manufacture and installation of the monument.

The sculptor worked on the creation of a monument since May 1994. He developed eight different sketches in his workshop, among which were variants in which the poet Yesenin was portrayed walking in a park lying on the grass by the lake and sitting on a bench. As a result, the last option was approved: the figure of the poet sitting in a romantic pose on a bench surrounded by greenery of the park. The monument is made of white Karelian marble, a pedestal is made of gray granite.