Santa Barbara


Kazanskaya st., 7



Friday, Saturday

23:00 – 06:00


Available for reservation on other days

One of the most stylish places in St.Petersburg. During the weekends the club is filled with fancy people enjoying sophisticated dishes and drinks accompanied by the sets of the most famous Russian DJs. There are several halls in the club. First floor is the main zone where people are dancing the night away. Second floor is karaoke room where you can meet celebrities having a good time. Also there is a VIP zone of DJ Romeo. It is a terrace with panoramic view over the old center, which works year round as well as VIP hall for special guests.

Prices for popular dishes:

Beef in black pepper sauce - 950 rubles
Philadelphia sushi - 620 rubles
Glass of wine from - 550 rubles
Cocktail ~ 650 rubles

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