Rainbow coffeehouse

Borovaya st., 24
Coffee and tea
10:00 – 23:00
Average bill
150 rubles
+7 (952) 218-10-99

The rainbow coffee house is a place where friendliness and tolerance reign, here everyone is welcome, without age, sex, racial and religious prejudices. This is a place for communication and dating, free expression, the exchange of ideas and the birth of new projects.

The coffee shop offers food for meat eaters and vegans, ice cream is ordinary and rainbow (the ball costs from 60 rubles), and you can get it with coffee and tea, and cherry beer. A cup of espresso - from 60 rubles, a cappuccino - from 120 rubles, a raf - from 140 rubles.

And here there are workshops on drawing with watercolors, creative contests and other events for talented people (and all people are talented without exception, the owners of the coffee shop are sure).

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