Zhukovskogo st., 49
10:00 – 22:30
+7(812) 579 67 18

Vegetarian restaurant for lovers of yoga and just healthy food, where all dishes are prepared from organic farming products, without margarine, trans fats and preservatives, and bread is baked from whole wheat flour. Some of the vegetarian positions can be made “according to vegan”, as per the client’s wishes, not only without meat and fish, but also without milk, eggs or other animal ingredients.

The restaurant has its own pastry shop, where you can buy fresh home-made cakes, including gluten-free, and healthy handmade chocolates. In the cocktail buffet - cryococktails to rejuvenate the body and normalize weight. And dairy products, pies, salads, mayonnaise, ketchup and much more can be purchased in the local home cooking unit.

The restaurant regularly hosts exhibitions, fairs and concerts.