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Politechnical University

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Famous buildings
Years of foundation
E.F. Virrih

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, known as Polytech, is one of the oldest multifunctional engineering universities in Russia. It was founded in 1899 on the initiative of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire, S.Yu. Witte and outstanding scientist-chemist D.I. Mendeleev.

In 1900, construction of the first European-type campus in Russia began near the village of Sosnovka. The project was designed by architect E.F. Verrich. In 1902, the grand opening of the main building, built in neoclassical style, took place. The white, monumental H-shaped building made it possible to create such a layout that the windows of all auditoriums and lecture halls face south-west, which allows maximum use of natural light.

The center of the main building is the majestic White (Assembly) hall, decorated with the participation of Albert Benoit. The famous artist completed the interior design and made the sketches for painting the ceiling of the hall. Today it is one of the best university ceremonial halls in St. Petersburg. Concerts of classical and jazz music, theatrical performances, musical and poetry evenings are held here.

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