Bolshaya Zelenina st., 28
09:00 – 23:00
Average bill
500 rubles

The concept of an institution is built around the concept of smart food - wholesome and light food. Main dish is Hawaiian poke. Simply put, this is sushi salad with rice and raw fish, cut into large cubes. The menu in “Pobo” is built according to the principle of the constructor: you can choose all the ingredients yourself and make a dish. And you can choose something from the ready-made sets from the chef. In addition to poke, there are salads, bowls, sushi, sashimi, rolls and ramen. The design of the small room was done by the fashionable architectural bureau DA. The designers took as their basis the minimalist interiors of small Japanese eateries and supplemented the cafe space with neon and bright colors.

Popular dishes:

  • Poke-bowl with tuna - 390 rubles.
  • Poke-bowl with eel - 420 rubles.
  • Poke-bowl with salmon - 420 rubles.
  • Salad Bowl "Tuna Tataki" - 450 rubles.
Романтический ужин на воде с изысканным меню и живой музыкой
Круизы по Неве на теплоходах-ресторанах
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