Monument to Suvorov


Suvorov Square



Opened in

May 5, 1801


M.I. Kozlovsky


3.37 meters

Monument to Suvorov was installed by the order of Emperor Paul I. The monument was created by the sculptor M.I. Kozlovsky. The bronze figure of the field marshal in the allegorical appearance of Mars, in antique clothing with a sword and shield, does not have a portrait resemblance to the field marshal. It represents a symbolic heroic-epic image of the "great commander." On the circular granite pedestal of the monument, there is an inscription: « Knyaz’ Italiiskiy, Count Suvorov-Rymnikskiy. 1801 ".

This is the first monument in Russia to an uncrowned person. Before that, in Russia monuments were made only to tsars and emperors.

The monument to Suvorov stands on Suvorov Square, opposite the Trinity Bridge. In 1801-1818, it was located more south, on the Marsovo field near the Moika Embankment.

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