Monument to the dog of Pavlov

Academician Pavlov Str., 12, square
Opened in
August 7, 1935
I.F. Bezpalov
1 meter, pedestal height: 2 meters

A monument to an unnamed dog from a grateful humanity was created on the initiative of the academician I.P. Pavlov. He conducted the basic experiments on the physiology of nervous activity on dogs. The monument is located in the square of the Institute of Experimental Medicine. The bronze sculpture sits on a granite pedestal. There are bas-reliefs with inscriptions:

On the front side: "Let the dog assistant and friend of man from prehistoric times be sacrificed to science, but our dignity obliges us that this should happen without fail and always without unnecessary torment. I. Pavlov ».

On the right: "Having broken the plaster and making a porous litter from it, the dog suggested to the experimenter that the pancreatic juice expiring from the artificial aperture does not corrode the belly. IP »

On the left: "By licking a wound that is pinched on the neck after a deep operation, the dog saves it from death and saves it for further scientific research. IP »

Behind: "The dog, thanks to its long-standing arrangement for man, its prudence, patience, and obedience, served, even with remarkable joy, for many years, and sometimes for the whole life, to the experimenter. IP »

Initially, the sculpture was conceived as a fountain: water in the bowl poured from the mouths of eight mascarons in the form of dog heads. Currently, the fountain does not work.