Monument to the St. Petersburg water carrier
Shpalernaya Str. 56
Opened in
в 2003 году
S. Dmitriev / V. Vasiliev

Monument to the water carrier in St. Petersburg was installed on the initiative of the St. Petersburg Vodokanal near the historic water tower, at the entrance to the museum "World of Water".

The water tower that was built in 1858-1863 is a unique monument of industrial architecture. A century and a half ago the city water supply began from here. To the middle of the XIX century in St. Petersburg water trucks carried water in barrels. The barrels were different colors, depending on in which rivers the water was taken.

The figure of the water carrier is made in full size. A strong peasant in worn-out boots is hardly dragging a barrel of water, mounted on a two-wheeled cart. A dog is running ahead of the water truck. If you rub her nose and make a wish, it will surely come true.