Monument to St. Petersburg photographer
Malaya Sadovaya Str. 3
Opened in
25 January 2001
BA Petrov / L.V. Domracheva
2,5 meters

Bronze photographer on Malaya Sadovaya street appeared not accidentally, here, in house number 3, from the beginning of the XX century and until the 1930s, was the photo studio of the famous dynasty of Bull photographers. And during the siege on Malaya Sadovaya, showcases were installed, in which the photo chronicle was changed weekly.

The sculpture depicts a photographer who is preparing to shoot. He holds an open umbrella over himself, and under the tripod, on which the camera is installed, the English bulldog hides.

There is a sign that St.Petersburg photographer fulfills the desire: you just take a picture, take it under his right hand. And "reconciled" with the photographer by the pinky can improve financial situation.