Monument to Paul I


Sadovaya Str., 2



Opened in



V.E. Gorevoy / V.I. Nalyvaiko


350 cm

The height of the figure

180 cm

The monument to Emperor Paul I is located in the inner courtyard of the Mikhailovsky Castle. Its opening was timed to coincide with the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

The castle was built at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries by the order of Emperor Paul I, who feared palace coups. On February 1, 1801, the emperor moved to a new, well-fortified palace, and on the night of 11 to 12 March 1801 he was killed in his own bedroom.

The monument depicts Paul sitting on a throne in full vestment with the attributes of power in his hands, but in all appearance of the emperor uncertainty and even some doom is visible.