Monument to Maxim Gorky


Square at the intersection of Kronverksky and Kamennoostrovsky avenues



Opened in

March 28, 1968


V.V. Isaeva, M.R. Gabe / E.A. Levinson


4.6 meters, pedestal height: 2.75 meters

The decision to built a monument was submitted in 1936 after the death of Gorky, but the destiny of a monument was not easy, as the life of the writer. In 1938 a competition was held, but the commission did not approve any project. Only in 1952 on the second competition, a work of Vera Isayeva won and the monument was opened on March 28, 1968, for the 100th anniversary of the writer.

Location of the monument is connected with the house 23 on Kronverksky Prospekt where in 1914 to 1921 Maxim Gorky lived; the house is marked by a memorial plaque. From 1932 to the 1991 year Kronverksky avenue was named after Maxim Gorky. Interesting that it was renamed during the life of a writer, for the 40th anniversary of his literary work. In 1963 subway station «Gorkovskaya" was opened here.

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