Monument to konka

The 6th-7th line of VO, the angle of the Middle Ave, near the metro station "Vasileostrovskaya"
Opened in
October 27, 2004
A. Ziyakayev, N. Pentheshin

The location of the monument to Konka, the predecessor of the tram, was not chosen by chance. From here on August 27, 1863, the crews of the first horse - railway along the route "6th Line - Konnogvardeisky Boulevard - Admiralteyskaya Ploshchad '" were going.

Konka represented one- or two-story wagon drawn by one or two horses with the scab, its speed was 8 kilometers per hour. The ticket on the first "floor" costed 5 kopecks, 22 people could accommodate there, on the imperial - 24 people paid 2 kopecks.

The success of the enterprise was enormous: the first line of the year carried almost a million passengers. Therefore, a partnership was organized, which had six horse parks, numbering three and a half thousand horses at its disposal, and served 26 routes.

The monument in the form of a two-story car was created in 2004 according to the model of the St. Petersburg’ konka of 1872-1878. The model was restored according to the drawings of the Putilov factory.

In 2005, the monument was supplemented with sculptures of two horses by A. Ziyakayev. Initially, they were made of concrete and plastic, and in 2007 they were replaced with marble figures. In 2009, the coachman of the work of the sculptor I. Penteshin and co-authors appeared. The coachman's clothes include historically authentic details: a cap, inscriptions, a badge with number 1, the coat of arms of a horse-railway.

In the trailer of the monument offices selling railway and air tickets are working.