The monument to General Brusilov


Shpalernaya St., 60



Opened in

November 14, 2007


Jan Neumann / Stanislav Odnovalov


4 meters

The monument to the hero of the First World War, General Brusilov. It is immortalizes the famous "Brusilov breakthrough". This strategic operation, conducted by the general on the South-Western Front in May 1916, was recognized as outstanding, and the name of the front commander was assigned to it.

Brusilov is depicted as studying a map as if emerging from a stone. The sculpture reflects the will of a brave warlord. Symbolic holes from bullets can be seen on the pedestal in the form of a rough, untreated rock. The polished triangle in the middle of the pedestal is a symbol of the famous Brusilovsky breakthrough.

The location of the monument was not chosen by chance. Nearby was the officer's cavalry school, where Alexei Brusilov has studied and later taught. 

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