Monument to Anna Akhmatova opposite the prison "Crosses"


Voskresenskaya Emb. , 12-14




Opened in

December 18, 2006


G.V. Dadonova / V.A. Reppo


4.5 meters

Monument to Anna Akhmatova on the Voskresenskaya Embankment was established in 2006 to the fortieth anniversary of the poet's death. The place for the monument is opposite the infamous prison "Crosses", where during the Stalinist repressions Lev Gumilev was held, the son of Akhmatova. Akhmatova pointed this fact out in the poem "Requiem": "here where I stood three hundred hours, and where they didn’t open the bolt for me".

The three-meter figure of the poetess is located between houses 14 and 12 on the Robespierre embankment. The poetess is inspired, fragile, delicate. The suffering of the statue of the heroine of Silver Age, barely perceptible in the turn of her head in the direction of «Crosses" is hidden from outsiders.