Monument to Anatoly Sobchak

Дмитрий Ратников,
Square at the intersection of Bolshoi pr. V.O. and 26 line of V.O.
Opened in
June 16, 2006
I. Korneev, V. Bukhayev
The height of the monument
The height of the figure

The monument to the first and only mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Alexandrovich Sobchak, was erected in the square at the intersection of Bolshoi pr. V.O. and 26 line of V.O. in June 2006. The authors of the monument are sculptor Ivan Korneev and architect Vyacheslav Bukhayev.

The waist figure of Anatoly Sobchak is depicted in the mantle of an honorary doctor, speaking on the podium. With his right hand he rests on the podium, left, free, stretched forward.

The height of the sculpture is 1.7 m, the height of the pedestal is made of dark pink polished granite - 2.4 m.

On the front side of the pedestal of the inscription (false bronze letters): “To the first mayor of St. Petersburg”; "Anatoly Alexandrovich Sobchak (1937 - 2000), who returned the name of the city", as well as an overhead image of the coat of arms of St. Petersburg.

The monument is located near the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University: Before becoming mayor of the city on the Neva, Anatoly Sobchak was a professor of this faculty. The square, where the monument is installed, also bears the name of the first mayor of St. Petersburg.

The sponsor and curator of the installation of the monument was the Anatoly Sobchak Foundation, led by his widow Lyudmila Narusova.