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Myasnikov-Vargunin's mansion


Vosstaniya st., 45


Famous buildings


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Years of foundation



A.P. Hemilian, V.A. Hartman



The mansion was built in 1857-1859 for the wealthy merchant I.K. Myasnikov designed by architect A.P. Hemilian with the participation of his young colleague V.A. Hartmann. In 1886, the mansion was acquired by the wealthy industrialist K.A. Vargunin, one of the owners of the famous manufactory "Neva Stationery Factory of the Vargunin Brothers".

The mansion is one of the best examples of neo-baroque style. The interior is decorated in the traditions of historicism: using retrospective styles in the Pompeian and Moorish living rooms, stylized motifs of the baroque and rocaille ornament in the Great Hall. Almost without changes in the mansion, several interiors have survived: the lobby, the main staircase and the Great Hall.

The ceremonial main staircase with white marble railing and wrought-iron gilding fencing is decorated with a picturesque ceiling by the artist Vasily Shreiber.

In the Soviet years, the skin and venereological hospital was located here, in our time - the hotel complex.