Obelisk at the place of executions of the Decembrists

Дмитрий Скляренко
Aleksandrovsky Park, Kronverksky Val
Opened in
December 25, 1975
A.M. Ignatiev, A.G. Dema / V.A. Petrov, A.G. Lelyakov
9 meters

The monument was built to the 150th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising. Historians and archaeologists have found the exact spot where on the fortress Kronverk on 13 (25) July 1826 five Decembrists were hanged: Pavel Pestel, Kondraty Ryleev, Muravyov-Apostol, Mikhail Bestuzhev-Ryumin and Peter Kakhovsky.

During the execution, there was a case that shook contemporaries. Bestuzhev, Kakhovskiy, and Ryleev broke down with hinges and were hanged for a second time, which is contrary to all the laws.

The obelisk is made of pink granite. There are profiles of the five Decembrists on the bronze medallion. There is a quote that is written on the pedestal. The quote is from a poem of  Pushkin "To Chaadayev":

"Comrade, believe it, it will rise, 
star of captivating happiness, 
Russia will wake up from a dream, 
and on the ruins of autocracy 
our names will be written! "