Vladimirsky pr., 13/9


11:00 – 23:00



Average bill

750 rubles

A two-level Asian restaurant was opened by the owners of the O’Hooligans chain of Irish pubs. The establishment serves Filipino, Malaysian, South Korean and Vietnamese dishes with an emphasis on street food. Chef Maxim Karpov traveled a lot in different countries of Asia and studied local cuisine.

The order is made by the visitor on his own at the counter on the ground floor, and then guest takes the number, sits at the table, and the waiter brings him dishes.

The name of the restaurant refers to the concepts of "Asia" (with an Irish accent) and "oasis". The restaurant is decorated in a loft style, on the second floor there is a real park where you can dine among living trees and large plants.

Popular dishes:

  • Pad Thai: 360 rubles.
  • Soup pho bo with beef: 260 rubles.
  • Filipino adobo chicken with rice: 270 rubles.
  • Shake with mango: 250 rubles.
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